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Author: Juan José Guerra Haba - - 2016 March

This is the "Guerratron web site" for proyects on GitHub: develop, design, coding, ...

Guerratron GitHub, some the last proyects:


dombasic logo PHP package to create dynamic DOM elements.
It follow the OOP paradigm, implemented SINGLETON patterns, magical methods, contains error control ('own exceptions'), chaining methods, optimized memory and resources, ...

Author: guerratron


canvasshapes logo It is a (javascript) library for drawing geometric figures associated events, allows drawing the flat geometric shapes over the canvas HTML element.
It shows geometric calculations (areas, perimeters, ...) and supports a free drawn mode "freehand"; also it has a graphical interface with buttons bar and an options window where display / modify some of the multiple parameters supported.

Author: guerratron


rslib logo It's a (javascript) HTML scripts loader.
This inserts the linked-scripts parameters in the HTML-HEAD section DYNAMIC and SYNCHRONOUSLY, but without AJAX. It loads Scripts (js, json, ...) and even style sheets (CSS).

Author: guerratron


doctron logo The doctron is a (javascript) 'jsDoc' template. It is based in Default template.
This template has been given a more updated and modern touch, respecting standards and minified some files to load (were deleted the added fonts). It will has incorporated some new features to enhance functionality. It is more versatile than its predecessor by incorporating more configuration options, thus increasing the customization possibility.

Author: guerratron


wrappertracer_logo It is a class that creates Javascript wrapper objects to allow tracking of the executed methods.
It serve of TRACER to obtain a visual representation of methods's execution cycle, as help with information (elapsed time, nesting, methods type, parameters, ...)

Author: guerratron


testron_logo It is a Javascript API to perform questions of test type.
Testron can be used as a preparatory method for academic exams. You only need the question file with a valid structure. This file can be JSON format (object or string) or Javascript Object with one declared variable.

Author: guerratron


jsduino_logo JSduino is a web-app written in '*JavaScript*' that emulates an arduino board (*UNO R3*) with the representation of its input and output pins, and the possibility of inserting buttons that act on those pins. These buttons are actuators that can behave like Switches, NO pushbuttons, NC pushbuttons, push-switches, ... or also receivers such as LEDs and sensors..
Some programmers can save many hours of code.

Author: guerratron



It is a 3D game, it's a Pseudo-Pacman 3D game, with possibility of design for develop levels from a text file (ASCII).

The interesting thing is that this is a creative game, not just playful. By creating levels here we are building a virtual virtual world where it is more fun to play and the possibilities and difficulty are set by ourselves.
It is designed for two players, this depends on the design of the level; A small buttons menu is also included in the display for the main options. We also have several visual effects and sounds.

Author: guerratron